"The viewer draws an imaginary line from one dot to another. In ancient times, humans drew imaginary lines between stars as they gazed at the sky and the pictures thus formed from the constellations made the signs of the zodiac."

Adrian Frutiger

Experiment 03

Travel Logs

To develop the letters of the word “pandemonium” using the collection of bar codes.

Letters were made manually, from a scanned page, printed and cut into small pieces. Joining these parts resulted in the letters.

An experienced look made it possible to identify what would be left out. Identification of opportunities to be explored occurred in several stages of the creative process, from the page with bar codes to the tests with the letters in motion.

Such identifications occurred during the process and not before. The visualization of ideas arises from the manipulation of form.

"Your job is to collect good ideas. The more good ideas you collect, the more you can choose from to be influenced by."

Austin Kleon


Processo de criação em design gráfico: Pandemonium, is the book by Leopoldo Leal as a result of his Ph.D. dissertation at the FAUUSP.


  • Design Prof. Leopoldo Leal
  • Advisor Prof. Vicente Gil
  • Developer Arthur Ervas
  • Motion design Eleanor Greenleaf
  • Photography Cris Inoue