"Brilliant ideas like truffles are rare and only possible given special conditions."

Alan Fletcher

Experiment 04

Craft sticks at random

The challenge of this experiment was to generate random compositions using six craft sticks painted in the colors red and white; black and white; and black and red. Each set of sticks was cast a hundred times at random on five different backgrounds, in a total of five hundred images.

Black and white images were chosen to compose the word “pandemonium”. The letters were formed following the alignment of the sticks.

The process of photographing the images, tailoring them and positioning them, took a few weeks; the pauses between each activity did not mean the end of the project, but the continuation of a new phase of experimentation.

"Where do you usually have your best ideas? (…) Recently at the beach. It’s madness. I just start to walk on the sidewalk in Rio de Janeiro and dozens of ideas emerge."

Fernando Sabino


Processo de criação em design gráfico: Pandemonium, is the book by Leopoldo Leal as a result of his Ph.D. dissertation at the FAUUSP.


  • Design Prof. Leopoldo Leal
  • Advisor Prof. Vicente Gil
  • Developer Arthur Ervas
  • Motion design Eleanor Greenleaf
  • Photography Cris Inoue